"Simple Media Solutions"

Now iNEWS to the fifth power.  All television news departments with iNEWS NRCS can have the same level of services as major networks and large television groups and for less cost.

Rowe and Company offers professional services for iNEWS newsroom computer systems beyond all others.  Always be prepared for new show implementation, special events, sports and elections.  R&C employs network analysts, certified support representatives, project managers, project engineers with virtualization experience and trainers to deliver a vast array of professional services for television newsrooms.

Rowe and Company maintains a list of services for iNEWS NRCS that include blended education for the workplace - online and onsite, installation, virtualization and operational support remotely and onsite. 

Get the iNEWS services one sheet here for complete information to ensure your newsroom is more productive.  Act now to utilize iNEWS to the fifth power.


We’re R&C - systems integrators for media technology.  We empower content producers and broadcasters to triumph with complex media technology designed for efficiency and simple to use.  We install, educate and support technology for news, entertainment, sports and live television production from newsroom systems to video play out.

Rowe and Company delivers affordable technology to assist producers and broadcasters in delivering video anywhere and everywhere.  We help customers find the best solution for television production live, recorded, mobile, local, national, international, news, entertainment and sports.

We’re a professional services organization of media technologists.  Our professionals include an Avid Certified Support Representative, Cisco Network Analyst, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Workplace Educators, and Newsroom Computer specialists. R&C installs the chosen technology, trains users and administrators, and supports operations.  We also develop managed services to support broadcasters and content producers and ensure operations for the long term.

Rowe and Company’s professional services slideshow provides an overview of the disciplines we offer.

R&C designs custom television production solutions, customized media technology training and custom operational support managed online and onsite.

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Professional Services

Mission-critical production needs require access to operational support immediately. The requirement is integral to owning and using live production products.  Rowe and Company adds another layer of security to media technology you choose for your productions.. 

R&C offers iNEWS support - both administrative and desktop.
And we provide newsroom applications design and implementation with newsroom control systems and other control devices

Remote and on site assistance.  Project management from certified PMs and consultation from news production specialists. 

Professional services delivered with empirical data and to meet demanding needs of agile content creators. 

Rowe and Company consultants bring the entire video production process together from acquisition to play out with IP network analysis and certified support representatives.  Connect to discover affordable end-to-end solutions and customized support programs.

R&C supports solutions for simple empowerment.

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Rowe and Company's educational services develop curriculum for blended and continuous education.  

Customized education in person and online and continually.  R&C designs courses and works with you to determine how to deliver education any time, any where and when your busy staff is ready to learn.  Tip sheets, help documents, learning tidbits, self-directed learning and effective classroom education are included.

Rowe and Company brings over ten years of media technology course design and delivery experience to present effective education.  Your staff leaves R&C training sessions confident they learned how to improve content creation and delivery.

R&C workplace education design and consulting meets demands and cost concerns.

Our mission is "simple empowerment" of content creators.  .

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