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 Gnural Net introduces LiveToAir.  A modern video appliance LiveToAir connects web content and services in a professional video production. The LiveToAir platform is built for HD workflows with HD-SDI and IP connections for video, audio, graphics, data.  


LiveToAir - LiveToAir Studio Edition the only fully packaged hardware and software solution to deliver up to four simultaneous web connected guest video sessions in a single interface and control console.  LiveToAir Mobile Edition for producers on the go.


LiveToAir User Interface


LiveToAir offers broadcasters and webcasters a powerful solution at a budget rate.  


Call-In Manager (for queuing up video calls) is an add on to LiveToAir and the tool to manage bringing your viewers into your show by web video calls.  


Call-In Manager User Interface


Rowe and Company offers LiveToAir  and Call-In Manager across the United States.  


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Rowe and Company and LiveToAir and Call-In Manager  deliver powerful features for connecting web content to your broadcast or webcast..  


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Discover the features of  LiveToAir and Call-In Manager:

Gnuron with LiveToAir