iNEWS to the 5th Power

Let's make television news production exponentially more collaborative.  Many TV news departments use the iNEWS newsroom computer system and Rowe and Company offers managed services for iNEWS only we can deliver.  Always be prepared for special events, sports, new shows and elections without strain on existing resources. 
Our lists of iNEWS professional services include support, training virtualization and installation.  R&C has network analysts, project managers, project engineers with virtualization experience, certified support representatives and trainers ready to deliver world class services and support for iNEWS operations at television networks, groups and stations. 
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Rowe and Company founder and CEO James Rowe is an award winning journalist and news executive with decades of experience in U.S. elections coverage.  R&C President Patrick Rowe and Associate Dennis Glenn deliver technological expertise to make elections coverage win the race to serve your audience.

We’re media technologists, workplace educators, project managers, project engineers, solutions architects, systems administrators and systems analysts.  All of us are multi-skilled with international experience in delivering media production technology.  We’re the only systems integrator with our breadth of skills.  Let us demonstrate. 

Rowe and Company is the only integrator with extensive newsroom computer systems experience from installation, virtualization, training, administration and support.

Look over R&C’s professional services chart for news, entertainment, sports and live production from concept to technology maintenance.


Contact Rowe and Company at (617) 652-0611 for James Rowe or (617) 299-0611 for Patrick Rowe.  Let’s win this contest.


Professional Services

Rowe and Company speciallizes in iNEWS consulting, training, support and design. 

Project management according to Project Management Institute standards and newsroom application assistance guided by International information technnology codes..

We deliver services on site and remotely.  Creators work everywhere - remotely, in the newsroom, on assignment and as satellites. They demand the same quality of service for technology as the newsroom. R&C works in newsrooms and understands many want to work from everywhere.  The understanding guides our design and delivery of professional services.

Connect with us immediately to discuss how to customize a service level agreement for you.

Rowe and Company customizes courses for content creators.  R&C delivers continuous and blended learning for busy working people.

Classes and learning aides are delivered in person and online.

Creators are working from everywhere and their education should be available everywhere when they want it.

Rowe and Company designs custom courses for delivery of education on phones, tablets, desktops, and classrooms - when and where the education is best received.  Contact us about our advanced approach to providing education to meet today's newsroom and production demands.

We work with you to create learning to fit your business.  

Connect with us right away to learn more.